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    the coroner’s gambit + us gov’t photo archives

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    #descendents #daysndaze #doom #crass #patches Going on the same pair of pants.

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    Making patches all dayyy.

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    Whoa getting that as a tattoo is so intense

    I love it

    OP, do you have this ink? Do you know it’s origin? I am so curious about why this tattoo-haver picked this tattoo

    this right here is a badass tattoo and makes me wanna get one of the fifth panel here

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    look, people are bound to take a wrong turn after hearing a band sing about violence and knives

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    is this during Darby’s brief time in England or did the Atomic Café have something like this on their wall? 

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    VHS of Ultra Warrior (Augusto Tamayo & Kevin Tent, 1990)

    Beresford, Meshach, and Dack Rambo

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    Wally Wood, ‘Disneyland Orgy’, c. 1967.

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  9. Red-Headed Woman (1932) dir. Jack Conway

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    2014 spring summer「tentekomai」

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    Tom Jones - It’s Not Unusual

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    Beatles in the cockpit.

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    Destroy All Monsters

    moshi moshi, goji desu

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    In 1972 , 13 furry and bearded men dressed as women snatched the audience , shook the sexual structures of people , broke taboos and made success today remembered in Brazil and worldwide.
    The androgynous Dzi Croquettes were a symbol of the counterculture of change , social transformation, breaking taboos . The high-heeled shoes and women’s clothing purposely showed his hairy legs and beard grown by the men in the group .

    The 70s was the breakup , change , fleeing standards and seek the new, the unknown. The counterculture gave way to questions about reality , the ideological rupture and social transformation . In this context an American arrives in Rio de Janeiro : Lennie Dale joined to a bossa nova jazz swing of the New Yorker , the meeting of 13 men , 13 talents . Then arose the hurricane that would shake the sexual structures of people , open doors , break taboos , change Brazilian and international theater scene . Then arose the Dzi Croquettes .

    The group revolutionized the locals with his androgynous stage spectacles ( similar to the North American group The Cockettes , the famous androgynous and psychedelic visual) . Disobedient and debauched , decided to disregard the order of the military regime with intelligence. The high-heeled shoes and women’s clothing purposely showed his hairy legs and beard grown by the men in the group . The first show in 1972 was a great success , despite being banned by the Service National Theatre . The sitcom was a mockery to the system of dictatorship and the Brazilian reality. The group also became a hit in Europe , especially in France , which led to madness Parisian audiences .

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